• Nathan Ganser

What are the disadvantages of not using a Personal CRM?

In our busy, complex and connected world, we simply can't keep up with all the people we meet. We meet people through the Internet, through our jobs, through our social media apps, and so on.

Your ability to structure this flow of people, to remember stuff about them and to stay in touch, will massively impact your career and your company's success.

For specific industries like software or design agencies, staying top of mind literally means getting more projects through referrals.

Not using a Personal CRM basically means losing touch with more people, and therefore missing opportunities.

3 Disadvantages of not staying in touch

You'll get less opportunities

Whether it's a partnership with another company that the person you met last week works at, whether it's offering your services to your contact's friend who needs exactly what you have to offer or whether it's the opportunity to pitch your project to your manager's friend who turns out to be an investor, being connected has advantages. Not being connected on the other side, has a huge opportunity cost.

You'll get less job offers

Most jobs are never published. Rather, they are filled by people who know other people. Imagine if 50 more people knew who you are and what you are good at? Chances are one of them will reach out to you in the coming weeks asking if you'd be interested by this or that offer.

You'll miss a bigger part of the world

We all live in our bubble, whatever we do. But through actively staying in touch, we can be less in a bubble. Through widening our network, we are widening our horizon and learning more about how other people think and see the world.

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