• Nathan Ganser

I have a huge network, is there a service that helps me stay in touch with people regularly?

Because this is such a widely experienced issue, there is a whole suite of tools that have emerged out of this need, called Personal CRMs.

Why do we suddenly need a tool for something we could do on our own before?

Due to the ever changing and ever accelerating aspect of our world, many people have been outgrown by their network. Whether it’s through changing jobs, changing place and so on, we quickly get to a point where we know more people that we're able to stay in touch with.

Take a step back and think about how life was a million years ago, when we where just apes. We lived in small communities of 50 to 100 people, we knew everyone. How does that compare with someone from nowadays, living in a mega city like London?

The game has changed, and again, we humans need to adapt. It started with contact books and thanks to the power of software, we're now able to build powerful and smart tools that can help us to stay in touch.

What is a Personal CRM?

Also called Professional Relationship Management tool, it's basically a smart contact book. While contact books have been historically focused on storing data about contacts, this new suite of tools is focused on helping you staying in touch.

At Nat, we've designed smart algorithms that analyse your email interactions to recommend people we think you're losing touch with. We're also currently working on a feature that would give you simple and clear tasks to complete on a daily basis to strengthen your network.

Our vision is to help our users get more opportunities through staying in touch. This is worth a lot for us and them, and that's why we're here!


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