• Nathan Ganser

3 ways to give an update to your network and stay connected

Staying top of mind is a really powerful way to generate more opportunities. You want people to know what you're up to, but how?

In this short article, we'll look at 3 different ways to stay in touch with your network through updating them regularly.

Social media

That's the one you've though off. Writing a post on Facebook, Tweeting about what you've done this month and so on. It works fine, but social media feeds are so full of stuff that people won't get to see your posts.

Personal newsletter

Sending out email newsletters became really popular in 2019. It's great because people opt-in (or out). Meaning that only those who are curious will actually get the email, so no worry about spamming people.

The downside is that it can be slightly awkward to ask people to sign up to your newsletter. Adding a link to it in your email signature is a great way to counter this.

Physical Postcards

That's the crazy one. But I ('s founder) am actually doing it. Every few months, I send out a physical postcard using Mailchimp to a dozen of contacts. It's really powerful because you have to pay 2$ per postcard, so you really think about who to send those to.


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