The Ultimate Personal CRM List

Find every personal relationship management tool that is currently up and running

Every major company uses a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool nowadays. But that's not what we're talking about today.

Personal CRMs (or Professional Relationship Management - PRMs) are different in the sense that they are focused on individual users. They are built to help investors, sales people, and others to stay in touch with their network. 

Whether you’re doing professional networking, keeping track of sales leads, or just trying to be a better friend, a personal CRM will make a dent in your life.


Dex is a YC company and has built a Chrome extension that lets you import contacts from Facebook and Linkedin in a few seconds.

Pro: Import contacts from LinkedIn and Facebook

Con: Limited free version

Pricing: Freemium (Premium starts at $9/month)


Covve is a greek startup that has received multiple rounds of funding. Their power lies in the their contact enrichment feature that lets you automatically find social media accounts of your contacts and more.

Pro: Contact enrichment

Con: No Web app

Pricing: Freemium (Premium starts at $7/month)


Monica is the only fully open source PRM out there. It does not have any integrations but is made for friends and family in particular.

Pro: Can be self-hosted

Con: Poor UI/UX

Pricing: Paying (Starts at $9/month)


Hippo is an IOS app that focuses on great UI. It integrates with contacts and lets users create Todos about their contacts.

Pro: Great UI. Visually pleasing.

Con: IOS only

Pricing: Paying (Premium starts at $2/month)

Nat has been founded in 2019 by a Swiss entrepreneur. It's unique selling proposition is that it analyses your email interactions to automatically select contacts you're losing touch with.

Pro: Automatically finds who you're losing touch with

Con: No mobile app

Pricing: Freemium (Premium starts at $15/month)


UpHabit is a Canadian startup that works on both Desktop and Phone and lets you set up reminders for all of your contacts.

Pro: Mac App

Con: Limited free version

Pricing: Freemium (Premium starts at $5/month)


Made in Switzerland