Network at the Pioneer Hackathon

Find out who you already know, and introduce them. It's networking time!

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Events and Conferences are about networking

Since COVID, all conferences and events have been cancelled or moved online.
They all basically turned into live streamings of talks. While the content aspect of conference has stayed online, the networking aspect has died off.. Yet, that's the main reason why people attend events! To meet new people, make connections.


Software to connect and meet online

We're building software to let people meet and socialise online

Our solution works for all kinds of online events. Simply send an email to your participants to sign up ahead of the event, and you'll be set. We'll let participants find out who they already know, request intros to people they'd like to meet and finally, participants can intro people they know and think would benefit from meeting.


Our current MVP

After syncing your Google Contacts, we will show you all the people you know that are also attending the event. 

Besides seeing your contacts and who they know, you can use our "Intro" feature to intro people you know but who don't know each other yet! 


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