How does Nat compare to Hubspot?

When people hear the word CRM, usually, the second word that comes up is Hubspot. 

This huge CRM provider has made an incredible impact through their powerful SEO campaigns and their one-does-it-all sales, marketing, website building, ... product. 

If you're familiar with Hubspot, this page will show how what aspects of our personal relationship management app are similar, and which aren't at all. 


Powerful contact list

Nat and Hubspot both show you a long list of all your contacts. While Hubspot lets you add multiple filters, see manually added details about your contacts and so on, it always boils down to an A --> Z list of your contacts, ranked alphabetically. 

Nat, on the other side, removes all the clutter and shows your contacts, ranked based on two unique filters: In touch and Losing touch.

We are the only solution worldwide that lets you see your contacts based on how in touch (or not) you are with them.


We've removed all the clutter

Hubspot has many many features that we don't have at all.

Ad campaigns

Running ad campaigns for LinkedIn of Facebook right from your CRM is something we don't do at all.

Website builder

We haven't focused on something like this at all. If you choose to use Nat as your CRM, you'll still need another tool like Wix, Webflow, ... for your website.

Deal Pipeline

We don't offer any sort of sales funnel or deal pipeline feature. We don't believe that dragging prospects or leads down a funnel is the right way to sell. Relationship building is.


Even more secure

The best way not to get hacked or stolen, is to not have any sensitive data. That's why, besides building a highly secure app, we're the only CRM tool in the world to let our users integrate using the Gmail.readonly integration. 

This integration lets us see your email's headers, sender and recipient, but not the content. Thus allowing you to still make the most of your favourite CRM features like the timeline or powerful network analytics, without having to sacrifice your (or your contacts) privacy. 


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