Gmail Metadata Integration

Protecting our users by providing the best privacy

More than ever, privacy is in everyone's mind Yet CRMs haven't adapted. We haven't found a single CRM app that offers Gmail's metadata integration, even though it clearly provides huge benefits to customers.


What does "metadata" mean?

"Metadata" comes from the Latin and means data about data. In the case of emails, it means data about your emails. 

Traditionally, when you integrate an app with your emails, the app will get full access to your emails: the content, the time it was sent, the sender & recipient and so on. 

Gmail's metadata integration allows us to only ask for data about the email, not the content itself. We never get to see the content of your emails, which is key if you want to enhance your security and privacy!


How we use Gmail's metadata solution

Import your inbox

But only the metadata! We import the email subject, the time and the sender. Nothing else. That way, you still get the beautiful timelines with all the past interactions, without having to worry.

Understand your relationships

Our artificial intelligence will analyse your timelines to figure out how in touch you are with every single contact and use those insights to help you stay in touch with your network.

Protect your data

Instead of behaving like an average CRM, we took the time and effort to build this more complex integration so as to protect your email data. Even in the worst case, if we happened to be hacked, your emails would still be safe inside Gmail.


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