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Closeness indicator

Our ML algorithm scans your interactions to find out how close you are with each one of your contacts and uses this data to help you to stay in touch.


A timeline is automatically generated for each one of your contacts. This timeline shows you all your interactions with a specific contact. You can also manually enrich it to add events that happened outside of the G Suite.

KPIs & Scores

We compare your data with other users to generate personalised KPIs to help you understand how well you're doing and what areas need improvement. Coming soon


We integrate with the whole G Suite to save your countless hours of manual data entry. G Calendar coming soon


Our network evolves over time. Analytics help you to understand and measure this change.


A leaderboard is a great way to compare yourself with other users or teammates. Coming soon

Smart Tasks

Our algorithm creates personalised daily tasks for you based on your data to help you reach your goals. Coming soon

Note taking & interaction logging

Given how forgettable we are, note taking has to be a key part of our "networking work". We've made it as simple and intuitive as possible.

Contact book

Easily find and search through your contacts.

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