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A system to manage and stay in touch with your email contacts

Hey, I'm Nat. I sync with your inbox, analyse your interactions and help you to understand your network

I'm already managing over 5000 contacts


Why do I need a personal CRM?

At the end of the day, people are what matters.

Your inbox is where most of your professional relationships happen and grow. Make sure you understand them: How healthy is each relationship? How close are you?


Live monitoring of your professional contacts

Analytics and the ability to monitor data about our lives is becoming increasingly important.

In the same way companies analyze data and set up metrics, Nat keeps a constant eye over your email interactions to help you. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Data Safe?

Absolutely. My team knows how confidential email data is and takes great care in protecting your privacy as well as doing its legal duty. We will never read the content of your emails or share them with anyone. If you have any questions, just reach out on Messenger and a team member will get back to you swiftly.

Do You Sync with Whatsapp, SMS, ...?

No I don't unfortunately. Partly because of some technical limitations but mainly because it seems like people don't struggle to stay in touch with their Whatsapp friends. You only need to scroll down to find all the people you interacted with recently and follow up.

I Don't Have Facebook, Can I Use Nat?

Unfortunately not. Because I'm a Facebook Messenger bot, I'm only available to people who have a Facebook account. 
This decision was made early on by my founders to save ressources and launch asap.

How Can I Invest in Your Startup?

Thanks a lot for your interest in me. While my team is not currently looking for an investment, feel free to get in touch through Messenger. We'll make sure to reach out if the situation changes.

Are You Currently Hiring?

Thanks for wanting to join my team! To stay as lean as possible and ship quickly, my founders are currently not hiring. Stay in the loop though, this might change in the future.

I Have Outlook, Can I Use Nat?

Unfortunately not. We've made the decision to focus on gmail users early on to save time and launch sooner. We'll get there eventually though.